My walls…they are bare!

So I started organizing and packing for the move.  I now have bare walls and an ever growing stack of boxes.  I don’t know exactly how I feel about all of this… I mean, on one hand I am VERY excited to move into my very own house with Jay, Mira, & Gussie, and on the other hand I am LOATHING the act of moving AGAIN!  I have moved far too much in my life, or so I think.

98 – move to PSU
99 – moved from PSU to home, moved back to PSU
00 – moved from Atheron to Geary to Atherton
01 – moved from Atherton to Thompson to Atherton
02 – moved from Atherton to Simmons to Atherton
03 – moved from Atherton to home to Hagerstown
06 – moved to Baltimore w/ Sarah
07 – moved to my own place in Baltimore
08 – moved into the condo
14 – moved in with Lori

I AM SICK OF MOVING!  I don’t even like to pack for vacations!

Now I need to settle on a house, paint the bedroom, move all of my stuff and Jay’s stuff, and the dogs’ stuff…and the DOGS…to a new place.  Come back here and clean, spackle the nail holes, repaint the room to the original color (or close).  Settle all of the shared stuff and get new stuff as needed to make the house HOME and all of this while teaching summer school (now at Kenwood, not Randallstown — clutch change as far as driving distance), working on my dissertation (AGAIN), and training a puppy!

What am I getting myself into?

I mean, I know it’s all good in the long run, and I know that I unpack and settle in pretty fast, so within a week or two, the house will start to look like the combined Single-Burrell home.  I know that the pup will get trained, because Mira will help, and Mira will enjoy having a little sister to boss around.  I know having a guest room will mean visitors (and having to make a popcorn fleece blanket) and having my own place will mean that no one feels slightly awkward.  I know that it will mean no more chihuahua toe bites…though I’m sure Gussie, like any pup, will nibble on a lot by herself. (I will kinda miss Smithers, in all his trembling Kung Fu Chi glory, when he’s not being, as Lori says, “an asshole!”)  I don’t have to worry about being alone and existing solely through talking to my dog(s), because Jay will be there and will always take out the trash! (We have a deal…I’ll do the laundry!)  I’ll have reasons to buy house stuff, because I’ll have a house to fill with stuff.  Note, I already bought an avocado tool that peels, cores, and slices, because…well, Jay; I also bought a rolling pin, and a storage solution for my far too many tank tops.  I need to get everything in and see what I have before buying much else.  Though I know we need clothes organizing things, because of our basement clothes storage plan OF WONDER!  We also need a futon and rug for the basement, a dish drainer, two welcome mats (maybe three), a memory foam bath mat (because Jay wants one), clothes hampers, two new bedding sets, and new bedroom curtains.  We may need a crib mattress for a dog bed.  We shall see.

Anyways, just needed an AAAAAHHHHHH, I’M MOVING AGAIN! brain-dump to make myself feel better.  Time to go get another box!



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